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Welcome to the Harrogate Collaborative Family Law Group, covering Harrogate and the surrounding area

Many people perceive that getting divorced involves instructing lawyers to fight it out with their spouse, ending up in court if agreements can’t be reached. This established practice can often be at a very high cost; not only on your finances but also for your family. If parents fight, it is the children that suffer the most.

Collaborative Family Law provides a better way to deal with the issues arising out of divorce, separation or other issues in family life. Rather than being combative in style, each person engages a lawyer who will work collaboratively with the other lawyer and professionals involved, to try and reach settlement without court involvement. You stay in control, knowing that whilst you are working your way through this you have your lawyer at your side to make sure that all the necessary aspects are considered and discussed, leading to an acceptable agreement worked out by both parties.

It can often be a much quicker process (none of the usual “lawyers’ letters” going backwards and forwards), reduces the scope for misunderstanding and can help both parties exit their relationship in a much better way than court-imposed terms. It can be particularly helpful when an ongoing, co-parenting relationship will need to continue in the future for the children.

Convinced of the benefits that a collaborative approach has to offer, the Harrogate Collaborative Family Law Group enjoys a strong membership, growing each year. We are committed to making the process known and, therefore, available to clients throughout the region. We have established a network of like-minded professionals from other disciplines to ensure that clients reap the full benefits that this innovative new approach has to offer.